Getting Started

Accessible For All Skill Levels

You do not need to be a LabVIEW expert to use our libraries. Download the evaluation version and begin using ready-to-run examples.

If you have a robot, you can download your robot-specific library to use during a free evaluation period.

If you do not have any available robots, simply download the free LabVIEW Robotics library for Visual Components 3D digital factory simulation. It contains more than 800 robot models from various brands and most of them are at your disposal.


Born From Our Own Experience

The idea of libraries was generated from our early attempts to integrate robots into our LabVIEW application. Over many years, we have since created a set of libraries for this purpose. Our product is a result of our own experience combined with robotics experts from Japan, Europe, and the United States.

We appreciate the support from the NI team and leading robot manufacturers. Together we attempt to make robotics more open and accessible for the LabVIEW community, cut development time for experts, and show a variety of robots at a glance for novices. LabVIEW’s power in signal acquisition and processing adds new breakthrough opportunities both for LabVIEW users and robot vendors. Add Sense to Robotics!


Easy Start to Applied Robotics

NI LabVIEW is widely recognized as a standard software tool in engineering education. LabVIEW Robotics Libraries expand the advantages of a Graphical System Design approach to Applied Robotics.

Students make their way from basic robot movements through various industrial experiences starting from 3D factory simulation and ending up with real-world applications.

The use of 3D simulation minimizes safety issues at the early stages of robotics evaluation, increases the models available for review, introduces a wide range of industrial application areas, and allows easy access to real-world experiences with minimal hardware purchase and maintenance cost.