What license types are available? Do I need a Run-Time license to deploy my executable built with DigiMetrix Robotics Library?

For each PC or Real-Time target a separate license is needed. For development site – Development License, for deployment – Run-Time. Both has the same cost and might be converted in each other. License is software, bound to a single PC or Real-Time target. Shared network license is NOT supported. USB dongle license is NOT supported.

I have purchased a license from NI, how to activate it?

After your order will be processed, the NI Tools Network Team will provide you with an activation information in an e-mail with header “Activation Information for your purchase: DIGIMETRIX ROBOTICS LIBRARY FOR [Library Name]”. This email is sent to the address you have set during placing an order. It usually takes few days for the NI Tools Network Team to process an order and issue a e-mail. If no e-mail was received, please contact At some cases we ( can also get your activation info by NI Order Number (number like 2XXXXXXX).

How can I purchase a Run-Time license?

For most libraries only Development license can be purchased from Contact and send your license info to convert it into Run-Time one. Both Development and Run-Time licenses can be purchased from DigiMetrix, to request a PO please e-mail Only bank transfer payment method is supported when purchased from DigiMetrix.

What is the price for a license?

Both Development and Run-Time licenses have the same cost and might be converted in each other. Development license is available worldwide through for regular price of 1500USD exl.VAT. Some variation might happen because of NI internal current exchange policy. Licenses are also available for direct purchase from DigiMetrix at the price of 1250EUR excl.VAT.

How do I transfer the license from one PC to another?

Development license can be deactivated through LabVIEW interface (Help->Activate Add-ons->Deactivate). Sometimes (depends on LabVIEW version) deactivation may not work – at this case we can provide a utility for deactivation.

I want to use two computers with same license. Is it possible?

The license is bound to one computer, so we recommend purchasing as many licenses as the number of computers to be used with the library. It is possible to transfer the license between computers by deactivation-activation. Deactivation can be done through LabVIEW interface (Help->Activate Add-ons->Deactivate). Sometimes (depends on LabVIEW version) deactivation may not work – at this case we can provide an utility for deactivation. Also we can provide an extended evaluation license for second developer’s PC, this option should be requested from .

What LabVIEW versions are supported?

Robotics libraries support NI LabVIEW 2012 or above for Windows. Photoneo PhoXi 3D library support starts with LabVIEW 2015. LabVIEW NXG is not supported.

How do I test compatibility with my robot?

First check the compatibility of the robot, controller model, and firmware version at the respective library page. Use a free 30-day library trial for testing (download via VI Package Manager). If your robot controller is relatively new and is not listed on DigiMetrix site, most probably it will be supported, due to backwards compatibility carefully maintained by robot vendors.

Are Real-Time targets supported?

All Robotics Libraries support NI Real-Time targets (Linux Real-Time and VxWorks): NI PXI, NI cRIO/cDAQ or NI CVS controllers. Photoneo PhoXi 3D library supports only 64-bit Windows platform.

How many robots can be controlled from one PC or LabVIEW RT target?

Each license allows single PC or LabVIEW Real-Time target to communicate with multiple robot controllers. This means that you can control a lot of robots if each of them has a separate robot controller. Multirobot systems (two or more robots with one robot controller) are supported only by ABB library for the moment.

How do I activate a Real-Time target? Can I transfer an activated license?

Real-Time target activation is described here:

LabVIEW main menu -> Help -> DigiMetrix/ImagingLab -> [Library Name] -> Purchase & Activation

To perform Real-Time target activation please contact and send

  • A Run-Time License ID (or a development License ID to be converted to a run-time)
  • System ID value of your real-time target (as reported by MAX)

In a response we will send you a license file for your real-time target. Real-Time license cannot be transferred. 

How do I activate a Run-Time license on a Windows target? Can I transfer an activated license?

After you deploy your application on a target Windows machine a 7-day Evaluation period will start. The application will request activation at every “Open Session” call. Please start you application as Administrator then follow the on-screen activation instructions. It is possible to activate through internet by providing License ID and Password or using browser on another machine if your Windows target does not have internet access. To transfer a Run-Time Windows license please contact

What is the protocol used between LabVIEW and robot?

Most of DigiMetrix Robotics Libraries use custom protocol implemented over TCP/IP or UDP/IP. Some Robotics Libraries use vendor-specific protocols also implemented over TCP/IP or UDP/IP. No special hardware is needed – only standard Ethernet equipment.

Where can I find the documentation on the library?

Documentation goes with the library: LabVIEW main menu -> Help -> DigiMetrix/ImagingLab -> [Library Name]. Examples also help to get started, use NI Example Finder to search examples by “DigiMetrix” keyword and robot vendor name.

Are the future updates and bugfixes included in the license?

Yes, all the future updates and bugfixes are included with the license purchase.

How to resolve “Unable to Establish Connection” error?

Please check the following:

  • You have followed the instructions for robot controller setup from the library documentation: LabVIEW main menu -> Help -> DigiMetrix/ImagingLab -> [Library Name] -> Controller Setup
  • Your network settings are properly configured, you can ping the robot controller
  • Firewall does not block the communication

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