DigiMetrix GmbH continues the success of the LabVIEW Robotics Library business started in 2005 as an internal project of ImagingLab Srl (Italy) to integrate a Mitsubishi robot into an application. This experience was expanded by integrating Denso and KUKA into ImagingLab NI LabVIEW based projects in 2007-2009. The first library (Denso) was announced as a product at IREX Expo in Japan in 2009. In 2010 the portfolio was widened by Mitsubishi and KUKA.

In 2011 the creation of a Toshiba Machine library in cooperation with ViTec Co., Ltd (St.Petersburg, Russia) opened a new period of business development. In 2012 the new independent business entity – ImagingLab GmbH – was formed as German-Italian-Russian joint venture to be focused exclusively on NI LabVIEW based Robotics Libraries and Tools. At NIWeek 2012 in Austin, Texas, the biggest LabVIEW Robotics Library expansion was announced: Epson, Kawasaki Robotics and Yaskawa/Motoman became members of the family, which now covers 7 leading brands.

The new name of the company – DigiMetrix GmbH – symbolizes the library business transition process completed in 2013. The list of supported industrial robots is constantly expanding – the libraries for KUKA, FANUC, Stäubli, ABB robots have been developed since 2015 and are successfully used all over the world.

Recent development efforts have resulted in Denso library major updates with new RC8 controller support as well as breaking in a new robot brand agnostic library for 3D Factory simulations from Visual Components ( and 3D simulation support for Epson, Denso and Yaskawa/Motoman brand specific libraries.

Development team

Since the Toshiba Machines library creation in 2011, a team of Russian LabVIEW skilled engineers became the core engine for library development and customer support in cooperation with Italian and German partners. It is formed by Certified LabVIEW Developers and Architects experienced in industrial Test&Measurement and Vision applications from ViTec Co., Ltd (NI Gold Alliance Member) from St.Petersburg, Russia.

20 years of NI software and hardware experience – multiplied by young engineers’ enthusiasm – drives a continuous development process. This experience combined with cooperation with our international partners leads to successful LabVIEW Robotics library expansion both in numbers and functionality offered for our customers all over the world.

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