Speech at NIWeek: Graphical Programming for Advanced Robotics from Digital Reality to Factory Floor

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We’ll be glad to share with you our vision to Applied Robotics software development Tuesday 16.45 , Room 19A. TS1698

Advanced Robotics might be the next candidate for graphical programming revolution. Limitations of existing text based programming tools became obvious in applications not limited by easy “pick and place” but with vision and other “sensors” involved. Because of ImagingLab Robotics Libraries, LabVIEW is recognized not only as powerful integrated environment for entire robot cell programming, including robot motion, vision, data acquisition and operator interface but for 3D Factory Simulation from Visual Components with opportunity for harmless deployment of LabVIEW (including LabVIEW Real-Time) application to factory floor targets.

  • Industrial Robotics. What we are talking about? – Focus on industrial arms, not humanoids, autonomous vehicles or Forex trade robot… Real industrial applications.
  • Why it is important for LabVIEW community today?
  • Different robot types: SCARA, anthropomorphic, delta/spider: pro et contra.
  • Current stage of software development tools for robotics;
  • Why graphical programming is advantage?
  • Available functionality in LabVIEW Robotics Libraries – pallets and VI’s overview;
  • Development cycle for Robotics software;
  • Why simulation is important?
  • Demonstration of simple application development – from scratch to moving robot.
  • Q&A

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