How do I upgrade from the trial version?

After your purchase, contact us for a new activation code. Your trial version will become fully functional after reactivation.

How do I test compatibility with my robot?

First check the compatibility of the robot, controller model, and firmware version at the respective library page. Download and install a free trial version from

What LabVIEW versions are supported?

NI LabVIEW 2009-2012 or above  for Windows.

Is a run-time version available?

There is no difference between deployment (run-time) and development versions because you have to use the robot (or robot simulation) in both cases. The Library moves with the robot.

How many robots can be controlled from one PC or LabVIEW RT target? How many licenses are needed for multiple robot control?

Because of LabVIEW software multitasking and multithread architecture, more than one robot can be controlled from a single LabVIEW or LabVIEW RT target through individual IP addresses. There is no limitation on the number of one brand of robots controlled from the LabVIEW target. If several brands of robots are used, the respective libraries must be installed. Take into consideration that a multiple simultaneously controlled robots impacts the overall performance of your system because common resources such as the CPU and communication ports are used in parallel.



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